Call of Duty Movie with Kevin McKidd

Call of Duty Movie with Kevin McKiddHere we have the last news about Call of Duty movie: The actor Kevin McKidd told to The New York Post that there are rumors about the transition to the big screens of the universe of "soldiers" in Call of Duty video game franchise.

Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy, Rome), who voiced Captain Soap McTavish in both chapters Modern Warfare, said it would be delighted to play the character in flesh and blood "if the script is good, and if Gerard Butler is not available, I will definitely play in the film.

Scotsman added that HBO series, Rome, has many chances to be adapted for the big screen: "There is a finished script that is rumored that it was very good, I've not seen it, but I will definitely be part of project.The actor said that despite the end of this HBO production, his character is not dead.

A fanmade movie was created for Call of Duty. Enjoy it!

Call of Duty MovieLast news about Call of Duty movie will be here. On September 21, 2009 video game production company Activision has launched a project to protect judicial Call of Duty brand. This approach was intended to remove any clandestine attempt by the film adaptation of the game.

But in May 2009 at the Hollywood Reporter said that the famous game will be adapted and produced for the big screen. Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activison Blizzard has not commented in any way this rumor, so there is no official news that validate the speculation. But maybe the absence of denial or confirmation from Activision suggests more than an activity in this sense. So we can expect a Hollywood Call of Duty.

Because Call of Duty the game have so many fans all around the world that means that 99% of these fans will watch an eventual Call of Duty movie, so a movie Call of Duty based on the original game. I think that Call of Duty movie will not be just a simple movie because the game is so complex, I think that we will have an Call of Duty movie 2 and even a Call of Duty movie 3.

That's all for now about Call of Duty movie. Here will be Call of Duty movie trailer as soon as possible.

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